STORIES & UPDATESOctober 19, 2020

Yonette and Jude’s Family Home Overhaul

October 19, 2020

One of our very own foster parents were nominated by their community to receive a full home makeover from HGTV Canada's top contractors and designers. Yonette and Jude are truly loved by their friends and family who found them to be extremely deserving of receiving a full home remodel to improve their living space so they can continue giving back to their community.  We are so happy that Yonette and Jude got this opportunity and hope their new home brings them tons of joy.

Catch Yonette and Jude’s episode of Family Home Overhaul aired on Bell or Rogers on demand. You can also watch the episode off HGTV Canada's website with the following link:

Also check the article on HGTV Canadas website going into detail about the design and layout of the remodelled home.

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