We work with foster parents
to provide resource-intensive
treatment foster care.

Together we can
change lives.

It Takes All of Us

There's a proverb that best describes our approach to the foster children placed in our care: "It takes a village."

Without the intervention of caring placement agencies ... without our team of dedicated and committed specialists ... without the selfless participation of foster families who so generously step up, thousands of children and youth would not get the care, support and nurturing they deserve.

It is up to all of us, working together, to help prepare them for the future, to arm them with the goals and life skills they need to strike out on their own and live their lives as contributing members of society.


What is Fostering?

Learn about the foster care system and the role of foster parents.


Why Foster?

Fostering is a meaningful experience and makes a difference to the lives of children in care.


Becoming a
Foster Parent

Learn about the application process to become a foster parent.


Supports for
Foster Parents

Learn about the supports and resources available to our foster parents.

Tracey's Story

Follow Tracey as she reunites with her foster mother and reflects on her time in foster care.

From Our Blog

Yonette and Jude’s Family Home Overhaul

One of our very own foster parents were nominated by their community to receive a full home makeover from HGTV Canada’s top contractors and designers. Yonette and Jude are truly loved by their friends and family who found them to be extremely deserving of receiving a full home remodel to improve their living space so […]

From Foster to Famous

The first of a series that will follow the journeys of several individuals who were fostered as children and rose to see enormous success in their lives. They highlight the diversity in people’s journeys and inspire foster children to view their own future as full of possibility.

To Foster or Not to Foster,
That is the Question

With so many negative misconceptions about foster children, it’s understandable why many are hesitant to foster. This blog aims to dispel these misconceptions and shine a light on the varied experiences of fostering.

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