Why Foster and What It Takes

Foster parents need to have a lot of love in their hearts — enough for their own kids plus for those (no more than four) who are joining the family temporarily. Patience is also required, patience and understanding.

The fact is, foster children’s lives have been chaotic, traumatic and fraught with emotion. Reality is, it’s going to take time for them to adapt, change, trust and begin to heal.

There will be ups, downs and challenging times. Rest assured, though, we’re there every step of the way. Because as far as we’re concerned, providing support to our foster parents is every bit as critical as providing support to our foster children.

And for those compassionate individuals, for those special families, who believe every child deserves a chance, who believe every child deserves a better tomorrow and a bright, promising future, the rewards of fostering are priceless.

Maple Star has an incredible support system.. not just for the kids in their care but for their parents as well!
- Laura Bryant, Maple Star Foster Parent

For Foster Parents, the Compensation is Both Emotional and Financial

There is no question that bringing foster children into a home can add a financial burden. So all Maple Star foster parents are reimbursed $60 per day per child, tax free, all inclusive with the following extras:

  • Recreational programming
  • Prescription medication and dental visits are covered by Maple Star
  • Clothing allowance is provided